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ripps818 ([personal profile] ripps818) wrote2009-05-04 03:38 am
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Updated Dust Cold

It's been a while since I mentioned anything about the my Dust Cold theme on Livejournal, so I decided to post an update.

Resynced Dust Cold with Dust from bazaar branch. Now at version 0.4.0. Lots of changes, go take a look.

Synced Dustfox Cold with Dustfox from bazaar branch. No longet need to keep seperate versions for firefox-3.0 and firefox-3.1.

Added Nodoka Dust Cold. My version of the Nodoka Dust theme, it's very pretty and I fixed a couple issues the original Nodoka Dust had (e.g. Evolution new button). You'll need to use the git version of the Nodoka engine. I've built packages for that in my PPA:

Created Launchpad bazaar branches for Dust Cold and Dustfox Cold, so you guys don't have to wait until I upload a package to anymore.

Packages are available here: